Tilt and Turn Windows

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New Look Homes don’t just supply tilt and turn windows – we fit them as well! We also offer after installation support and guidance!

The multi-functional window that acts like a door. Turn the handle to 45 degrees to open like a door or 90 degrees to tilt it open at the top of the sash for ventilation. With high performance, superb insulation and its ability to open fully to let as much light in this window is perfect for both the summer and winter months in Ireland. When it comes to cleaning nothing could be more simple! As a matter of fact, the tilt and turn window is one of the easiest windows to clean, as the whole casement can be opened into the room both sides of the glass can be cleaned as well as the frame without having to use ladders or expensive cleaning systems.

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win-tt-tilt and turn windows

New Look Homes’ tilt and turn window comes with a seven point locking system all depending on the size of the window. The larger the window, the more locking points the window will offer. When the window is turned in the locking position all four points lock into place ensuring maximum safety to your home.

Filled with argon gas in either a double or triple glazed unit using soft coat low E glass which sits in a five chambered frame and is sealed throughout out the sash of the window. These seals are built into the uPvc window ensuring they will last a life time and not rip and fall away over time. They also use a memory rubber which will take shape again no matter how they were when closed ensuring as little wind, water and noise penetration as possible.

Coming in either a wood grain finish in oak or mahogany or the ever popular white or cream as well as a handful of other colours. There is also a wide range of glass finishes that are available let it be bevels, Georgian bar or diamond cut glass. New Look Homes will have the window to suit your home and taste.