Sash and Slide Windows

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New Look Homes don’t just supply slide and sash windows – we fit them as well! And offer after installation support and guidance!

Choosing sash windows gives you all the benefits of a modern window with all the charm of a traditional sash window. New Look Homes’ sash windows offer the best of both worlds; oozing character with an old traditional look and providing all the benefits of new modern windows. Our designs complement the look of any contemporary house at very attractive prices.

win-ss-pvc sliding sash windows
win-ss-modern sliding sash pvc windows
win-ss-modern slide and sash windows
win-ss-modern sash windows
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win-ss-upvc sliding sash windows
win-ss-upvc sash windows
win-ss-Sliding sash windows
win-ss-Sliding sash double glazed windows
win-ss-sash windows
win-ss-sash windows upvc
win-ss-sash upvc windows
win-ss-sash upvc window

New Look Homes’ slide and sash windows come with two point hook and clamp locking system this locks both the top and bottom sash together in the middle of the sash where the windows meet as well as clamping both together to ensure an effective seal and maximum security.

New Look Homes’ slide and sash window is an A rated window coming in both double and triple glazing using a soft coat low E glass and argon gas filled unit. Coming with a warm edge spacer bar to stop condensation around the window. However, in terms of energy efficiency between the double and triple glazed unit is very slim the triple glazed unit would be used more for noise pollution. Now not only do you buy slide and sash windows for their exceptional looks but because they have now become a great all round window.

Arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing windows you can get to add character and style to your home. Coming in a range of finishes from oak, white, mahogany, black ash, grey and red to name a few.