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New Look Homes don’t just supply pvc casement windows – we fit them as well! We also offer after installation support and guidance!

Casement windows are the most popular window with their classic yet contemporary look and having a single pane of glass so you can let in more natural light. As well as great energy efficiency and security system they have found their way into most homes throughout Dublin. Our Elegance casement window from New Look Homes is one of the most technically advanced uPVC window around. Coming in a vast range of colours and finishes we will find the window to suit your home.

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New Look Homes’ Elegance window is one of the safest and technically most advanced windows on the market today. With two steel dog bolts at the back of the window securing it to the frame as well as four roller cams at the front and two shoot bolts at the top and bottom all locking the window into the steel reinforced frame.

Filled with argon gas in either a double or triple glazed unit using soft coat low E glass with a warm edge spacer bar between each pane of glass which all sits in a five chambered frame. New Look Homes’ Elegance window is one of the most energy efficient windows on the market.

Coming in either a wood finish in oak or mahogany or the ever popular white or cream as well as a handful of other popular colours. There is also a wide range of glass finishes that are available; be it bevels, Georgian bar or diamond cut glass New Look Homes will have the window to suit your taste and home.