New Look Homes don’t just supply a vast range of laminate floors – our expert joiners fit them as well!

We can’t always choose where in the world we live. But close the front door and you’re in a world of your own, a world where you can express your personal taste to the full. New Look Homes offers you a wide portfolio of laminate flooring, with styles and finishes to match your home and individual style.

Town or country, traditional or contemporary, rustic or urban backed by a 10 year guarantee our laminate flooring has a host of clear attractions from its beautiful natural looks, to the way it simply shrugs off stains, laughs at scuffs and absorbs the heaviest of punishment with great ease. In today’s hectic world New Look Homes’ laminates keeps its good looks with little more than a sweep and a dust.

floor-lam-Laminate flooring
floor-lam-laminate floor
floor-lam-laminate bedroom flooring
floor-lam-high quality laminate flooring
floor-lam-grey laminate flooring
floor-lam-floating laminated flooeing
floor-lam-dark laminate flooring
floor-lam-12mm laminate flooring
floor-lam-wood laminate flooring
floor-lam-wide plank laminate flooring
floor-lam-white laminate flooring
floor-lam-walnut laminate flooring
floor-lam-oak laminate flooring
floor-lam-laminate wood flooring
floor-lam-laminate kitchen flooring