New Look Homes don’t just supply French doors – we fit them as well! And offer after installation support and guidance!

Looking to increase the natural light entertaining space in your home? Our range of double rebated uPVC residential French doors are available in a wide choice of styles colours and glass options. This will not only enhance your homes beauty and security but you also reduce your heating and cooling costs.

door-french-French upvc patio door
door-french-French PVC door
door-french-French patio doors
door-french-French patio door
door-french-French Door
door-french-external french doors
door-french-exterior upvc french doors
door-french-Exterior patio doors
door-french-upvc french doors
door-french-upvc French Door
door-french-upvc French door patio door
door-french-Patio door french door
door-french-Oak french patio door

New Look Homes’ French doors come with an eight point locking system with two dog bolts at the back of the door securing it to the frame and 3 hook bolts and three shoot bolts at the front of the frame – all of which locks into a steel laser cut frame ensuring maximum protection to your home.

New Look Homes’ French doors come in either a double or triple glazed unit using soft coat low E glass which is filled with argon gas and uses a warm edge spacer bar between the panes of glass. All this sits in a five chambered frame which is double rebated to ensure maximum protection against water wind and noise penetration.

New Look Homes’ uPvc French doors come in a huge range of finishes whether it be wood finishes (oak or redwood) or the ever popular white, or any other colour that you would like. For the panel in the centre of the door you have the Heritage, Traditional and the Contemporary collections where there are hundreds of different designs and glass options like Georgian bar in the doors. Come in store to get a better idea of what we have!