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New Look Homes don’t just supply composite front doors – we fit them as well! We also offer after installation support and guidance.

When it comes right down to it, a house is only as good as its front door. Here at New Look Homes we have found there are three main reasons for changing your door, whether it be security, energy efficiency or aesthetics, and we feel as if our composite front door covers those three main bases exceptionally well.
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With “Secured by design police” approval this generation of composite door locking system will challenge even the most experienced criminals. Two steel dog bolts at the back of the door secure the door to the frame, while offering a six point locking system at the front of the door with two roller cams, two hook and two shoot bolts. Also comes with an anti-pick, anti-snap and anti-bump cylinder lock.

Double rebate feature means our doors are fully sealed for better protection against water, wind and noise penetration. With a 70mm injected polyurethane core and triple glazing glass throughout the door New Look Homes’ A-rated composite door is a suitable match for Irish weather.

The Traditional, Contemporary and, most recently, the Modo collection come in twenty-four colour options and a vast range of decorative and obscure glass options. Also offering a wide range of knockers handle and letter box options, New Look Homes will have the front door to suit your home and taste.