Here at New Look Homes we offer a huge range of external and internal doors all supplied and fitted by New Look Homes.

Composite Doors

door-comp-Inside view composite door
door-comp-Composite front door (6)
door-comp-Composite front door (5)
door-comp-Composite front door (4)

When it comes right down to it, a house is only as good as its front door. Whether it be security, energy efficiency or aesthetics,  our composite front doors cover those three main requirements exceptionally well.

Internal Doors

We offer a wide range of interior doors from oak to walnut to white primed and pine, in a vast range of designs and styles.

door-int-white-White internal glass door
door-int-oak-i-interior french oak door and internal oak door
door-int-oak-i-interior oak door
door-int-waln-internal doors walnut
door-int-waln-bi fold interior walnut doors
door-int-waln-interior double doors

Bi-folding Doors

door-bi-bi folding door
door-bi-Bi fold glass doors
door-bi-bi folding external doors
door-bi-bi fold doors
door-bi-glass bi fold door
door-bi-bifold doors

New Look Homes’ bi-folding door system sets the standard for style, function and performance. Make your home feel lighter and brighter and let the outside in!

French Doors

Looking to increase the natural light entertaining space in your home? Our range of residential French doors are available in a wide choice of styles, colours and glass.

door-french-upvc French door patio door
door-french-Oak french patio door
door-french-French Door
door-french-French patio door
door-french-French patio doors
door-french-French PVC door

PVC Doors

door-pvc-i-PVC door
door-pvc-i-pvc back doors
door-pvc-i-external upvc door
door-pvc-i-upvc front door
door-pvc-i-upvc door
door-pvc-i-Pvc front doors

We have a wide range of 3rd-generation uPVC doors to enhance the look of your home. Front or back, New Look Homes has a door to suit every need!

I’ve used the services of New Look Homes over the last 10 years or so, in my own house and in another property. Their work has been extremely good, very efficient and very pleasant to deal with.

I would highly recommend them.

Marie Harte

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